Savor delicious Chinese cuisine at the Chinese savory Hakuen in Ueno

We are waiting for you with prepared dishes

As a restaurant that offers Chinese food, Ukrainian Chinese Hakuen boasts a reputation in Ueno for its customers. We are. In addition to lunch and dinner, the tasty food menu has course dishes that are perfect for banquets and entertainment, so please try it.
In the stylish shop where you can spend a relaxing time, we also have counter seats and private rooms. We are open for business at a location within walking distance of the nearest Inaricho Station, so please visit us once.


Delicious Chinese cuisine is served at Ueno's Chinese food, Hakuen

Please enjoy the special dish with the spirit


Please enjoy abundant liquor along with cooking

You can enjoy all-you-can-drink, so please come


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Access to Chinese-style greens Hakuen, which continues to operate closely with local communities


Store name


Street address

2-7-10 Moto Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

Mon-Sun, Holidays, Day before Holidays: 11: 30-15: 00

(Cooking LO 14:00 Drink LO 14:00)

17: 30-22: 00 (Cooking LO 21:00 Drink LO 21:00)

Regular holiday

There are irregular holidays and temporary holidays.

Traffic access

About 1 minute on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Inaricho Station About 8 minutes on foot from Toei Oedo Line Shin Okachimachi Station Exit A3 / About 10 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station Asakusa Exit


About 1 minute on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Inaricho Station About 8 minutes on foot from Toei Oedo Line Shin Okachimachi Station Exit A3 / About 10 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station Asakusa Exit

Please visit the community-based store where you can enjoy Chinese cuisine to the fullest in Ueno. The stylish space full of cleanliness has a variety of seats such as counters and private rooms, and we are operating well within walking distance from Inaricho Station. We are waiting for you with a selection of dishes from the selection of ingredients to the arrangement after cooking, so please come and visit us.

About us

Have a wonderful time at a Ueno store that has a reputation for the taste of Chinese cuisine

Please try the taste of a restaurant where you can enjoy Chinese cuisine in the Ueno area

As a store that offers authentic Chinese food, the popular Chinese restaurant Hakuen, which has gained popularity from those living nearby, has been open since 11:00. The carefully selected food menu is perfect for lunch. We are waiting for you to prepare a delicious gem, so please use it. At dinnertime you can order an attractive course meal. It is the perfect course for various daily events such as entertainment, girls' parties and banquets. We also accept all-you-can-drink orders to enjoy abundant alcohol to your heart's content.
Delicious Chinese food, Hakuen, located near Inaricho Station, is dedicated to serving customers with sincere service and sincere service, and is committed to providing customers with a good experience. You. You can enjoy a relaxing time while enjoying the luxury, so you can come to the store alone, not only with children, so please come by all means. We are also accepting reservations for private reservations of Hakuen, a Chinese local vegetable that continues to be closely connected to the local community. If you are considering a large party, please contact us in advance.

Popular Chinese restaurants in Ueno are also ideal for banquets

Despite the fact that it is a little-known spot, the Chinese food Hakuen offers lunch for weekdays and holidays and a delicious side menu. As it is a gem that you can enjoy your lunch break happily, please enjoy it once. The community-based Chinese food Hakuen, which has a reputation for its Chinese taste, offers a variety of course dishes and colorful drinks that can be enjoyed at night. You can order not only classic drinks such as beer and highball, but also fruit drinks and cocktails, so please enjoy it with delicious food.
In order to satisfy as many people as possible, the stylish interior design is perfect for families and dating spots. Private rooms and couples' seats are also available for a more relaxing time. We strive to provide high-quality service so that customers can enjoy more memories. If you are a beginner, you can feel free to use it. If you want to enjoy authentic Chinese food, please visit us once. We accept payment by VISA or MASTER card for stores that give priority to reservations. It is open on Sundays, so please enjoy it.